The lovely Abigail Doan sent this over and it was too good not to share: Bespoke Christopher Raeburn! For kids! (Christopher Raeburn)

Patagonia may be on its way to offering recycling for all its clothes, but the apparel company hasn’t forgotten the first (and best) of the 3 “R”s: reduce. First steps? Making better-quality goods and offering free repairs. (GreenBiz)

Simple Shoes is taking its green footwear on a new trajectory: retain the sustainable features but lose the eco-only classification. “Over the years, that eco-story took over and became the entire platform, and it even took on a bit of a preachy tone, if you will,” explains Pete Worley, the company’s president. (WWD)

We can’t all afford Proenza Schouler, so until we inherit millions from that long-lost, childless great-uncle we never knew, we’re making our own resort-ready rope necklace from scratch—and some bungee cords. (Honestly…WTF?)

Luxury companies are looking to sustainability as the next opportunity for growth. (Guardian)

The following video of Aaron Osborn test-driving the shoes he makes only cements our adoration for those traffic-stopping kicks. J’adore.