With a quirky name that induces a smile across anyone’s face, Chubbies shorts don’t just support pants-free living, but also support United States veterans. The Made in the USA company has taken to dedicating themselves to supporting American-made items, as well as tackling the unemployment rate. Their line of 80s-inspired trunk shorts clothe the discerning seeker-of-summer time fun with humor, while remaining socially and environmentally conscious.

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Chubbies has burst onto the market with a series of tongue-in-cheek slogans like “You Shall Not Pants” as a way to spread their loyalty to the American manufacturer, with old fashioned sarcasm and humor. Each facet of the supply chain is sourced in the United States, from design to thread to manufacturing the final line of shorts, an element the company deems more important than “pinching pennies.”

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The shorts themselves look like a basic trunk-short, and come in a myriad of colors, patterns and themes (like the American flag, obviously). But you won’t find knee-lengthers in Chubbies line, who claim that “Shorter Shorts = Less Fabric = Smaller Environmental Impact.”

As far as supporting veterans is concerned, the company does so from a few angles. They seek out veterans to employee in the making of their shorts, but also offer discounts to veterans shopping their line. Chubbies goes one step further, making donation funds to support veteran organizations.

If shorts aren’t your thing, Chubbies also carries an equally awesome line of shirts in wild colors and patterns.

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