New e-ink technology is could drastically decrease your shoe closet with instant color changes through smart shoes imbedded with wearable technology. The Volvorri smart shoe by iShüu Technologies features a electronic paper display panel on the high heel pump that can go from white to black and even to a pattern when controlled via a mobile app. No need to have both a black and white pump anymore, because now you can have both in one shoe.

iShüu Technologies came up with their smart, color changing shoe originally as part of the Louis Vutton Prize. Their working prototype was a women’s shoe that could instantly change the look of the shoe with the help of electronic paper. Using a mobile app (iPhone or Android), the wearer could tell the shoe to feature a white, black or patterned accent. Batteries and Bluetooth electronics are concealed in the sole of the pump hidden in the platform.

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Now iShüu is running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce a series of the Volvorii Smart Shoe. The electronic ink heel comes in either black or white and can be altered via the app and e-ink display with a white, black or patterned accent. This technology is the first step towards producing color-changing shoes that can work for any outfit or occasion. Soon we might even have shoes that go from red to blue, to polka dot or even zebra stripe all at the touch of a button and only needing one pair of shoes. Wearers can also change the look of their shoe by adding on bow or strap accents. The Volvorii Smart Shoe is only available so far through the IndieGoGo campaign starting at $249.

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[Via Yahoo Tech]