Swelter no more in the summer heat only to shiver once you enter a store blasting its AC. The new ClimaWare line of clothing by India’s Dhama Innovations keeps you comfy no matter what the thermometer says. Designed to flip from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius at the push of a button, the clothing and accessories feature eight levels of heating and cooling to cope with unpredictable weather, extreme temperatures, and hostile environments. In addition to helping soldiers stay toasty in subzero conditions and keeping cows cool enough to produce more milk, the technology could also be applied to control bleeding in a medical emergency.

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ClimaWare is the brainchild of Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, a former Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate and founder and CEO of Dhama Innovations. Since April, Vistakula’s company has released a number of products—including temperature-modulating jackets, helmets, neck wraps, and shoes—with even more on the horizon.

The technology uses the Peltier effect, a form of heat exchange that keeps laptops from overheating.

The technology taps into what’s known as the Peltier effect, a form of heat exchange that keeps laptops and other electronic devices from overheating. Electricity courses though a junction where two different metals meet so that one side heats up while the other cools down. Instead of a fan to blow away the heat, however, Vistakula uses nanomaterials that are engineered ton conduct temperatures without moving parts. Each thermoelectric device draws power from a rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of heat or cold per charge.

The Indian army, which tested the jackets and shoes on the Siachen Glacier in the Himalayas, is already a fan, although Dhama will have to scale up its production—and lower its price—before farmers can afford to outfit their cows. The company is also working on a line of knee and elbow packs that provide heat and cold therapy for joint and muscle injuries. Another product in the pipeline is “HaemoSave,” a medical pack that uses freezing temperatures to stem blood loss, pain, and inflammation.

Coming soon: a “HaemoSave” pack that uses freezing temperatures to stem bleeding and inflammation.

Medical and livestock applications aside, the garments offer the perfect solution for thermostat-fiddling colleagues who are either too hot or too cold. And as the climate becomes increasingly unpredictable (ahem, climate change), one jacket could suffice for the shifting temperatures we encounter through the day.

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