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Regardless of whether you shop sustainably or not, most clothing comes with pesky paper price tags and labels that get inevitably thrown in the trash. Designers Danghui Li, Yuexin Huang, Yao Zhang and Long Chen have created the world’s first useful tag- the Hang Tag. After purchasing your new garment, the Hang Tag can be popped into the first wash, transforming into detergent, and leaving no waste!

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Every year over 36 billion pieces of clothing are produced all over the world. In addition to these new pieces manufactured, consumers purchase millions of pieces of used, vintage or resold items. Each piece of both old and new clothing each get one or two paper tags affixed to them, unnecessarily consuming massive amounts of wood and ink chemicals.

Distraught with this wastefulness, the four designers have created a water-soluble tag that can be printed with the same information at paper tags. The tag itself is composed mostly of laundry soap and laundry detergent, with a water soluble string that can attach the tag to the garment. The new clothes can be taken directly to the laundry and thrown into water without removing the tags. Within five minutes, the tag will dissolve, and add into the detergent mix, helping to remove residual chemicals that can collect on the clothing’s surface during the manufacturing and transport process.

The incredible Hang Tag could help reduce a seemingly unnecessary element of paper from landfills, while also helping to protect skin health. The Hang Tag is an entry in the IF Design-Concept Design competition.

+ IF Concept Design Award

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