As outlandish as some of their ideas may be, the soothsayers from 1930s news program Pathetone Weekly weren’t completely off the mark. Multifunctional garments, as the broadcast prophesied, are having their moment. (“One idea is a dress that can be adapted for morning, afternoon, or evening,” the announcer breathlessly intones as “Eve from A.D. 2,000” casts off her sleeves for a flashier pair.) Wearable technology, too, is on the ascent, and an electric belt that “adapts to climatic changes” cannily augurs the arrival of temperature-controlled clothing. Today’s woman doesn’t need an electric headlight to help her “find an honest man,” but options abound for reflective knits, glow-in-the-dark activewear, and LED-equipped cycling jackets for navigating streets at night. For the gents, the program predicts a jumpsuit embedded with a phone, radio, and containers for “keys, coins, and candy for cuties.” You can’t see ’em all, we suppose.

[Via Betz White]