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As clothing trends change as quickly as the seasons, British high street stores are considering going the way of Netflix- offering up high end clothing for rent to their fashionista customers. Like the American company Rent the Runway, retailers are hoping that rentals will be a sustainable answer to our increasing disposable fashion economy. Fashion analysts suggest that clothing subscriptions could keep the ever changing tastes of fashionable millennials, while cutting out the incredible waste that has come with fast fashion.

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A study by fashion analysts for UK’s Westfield has found that most of the customer base is made up of fashion savvy 25-34 year olds, who want the latest fashions, but may not have the cash to always indulge. Westfield says that have a rentable section to each high end store could be the perfect answer for retailers to supplement sales when their customers are short on cash for designer fashions.

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Clothing subscriptions could appeal both to the up-to-date fashion lover, as well as the sustainably conscious customer. A flat monthly fee would allow an unlimited exchange of borrowed high end threads, while enabling consumers to switch up their style.

In the same vein as like Uber and Airbnb, clothing subscriptions would appeal to customers who are already used to the bevy of sharing culture services that have become the norm, redefining what has become known as “fast fashion.”

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