College students across America are exposing themselves to expose the evils of coal-derived energy. From Miami University of Ohio to the University of North Texas, Sierra Club Student Coalition-organized “flesh mobs” have been stripping down to PACT’s “Beyond Coal” range of eco-friendly underwear and madly dashing across campus. PACT is no stranger to backing causes, of course. Sales of its organic cotton underpants have supported ForestEthics, Oceana, and Global Green U.S.A., among other social and environmental charities. Beyond Coal, however, marks the first time the social enterprise has made a design part of a real-world campaign. And starting today, you non-collegiate types can be part of the movement, too.


“We see this as a shift from PACT helping to tell fantastic stories about social and environmental change to PACT becoming part of the story itself,” Jason Kibbey, CEO and co-founder of the label, tells Ecouterre. “We do love how PACT underwear allows our customers to privately celebrate different causes, but we really loved how this took that celebration and protest public.”

On April 4, Miami University announced immediate plans to eventually eliminate coal on campus.

Going pants-less for the planet is already raking in dividends. On April 4, Miami University announced immediate plans to phase out the amount of coal burned on campus, eventually abandoning it altogether. Progress doesn’t have to involve hostility or brute force, says Kibbey. “We hope that the collection helps people see change can be positive and fun in the way that the amazing students who have donned the underwear have already done,” he adds.

Available in men’s and women’s styles, the Beyond Coal collection runs from $18 for a thong to $25 for a pair of boxers. Ten percent of all proceeds will benefit the Sierra Club and its efforts to move the United States beyond dirty coal.

+ Beyond Coal $18-$24