Photo by the Coloradoan

Colorado State University Student Matt Camper has a new temporary tattoo– made entirely from bed bug bites! The creepy tat was made with a homemade jar contraption that gave the bugs access to Camper’s arm in a specific pattern. The adventurous student first chose a rabbit shape, then a stylized fish, letting the bugs chomp onto his skin for a few hours before the bunny emerged from his flesh.

Bed bugs are a rampant problem in many cities. The hungry insects lie dormant in unsuspecting mattresses and furniture, then feast upon their sleeping victims at night. Their bites release an irritating toxin that causes unattractive swollen welts on the victim’s skin.

With the raised red bites in mind, Camper made himself a “bedbug tattoo gun,” using a mason jar. The jar top was fitted with a wire mesh screen with the bunny pattern on it, allowing the hungry critters to bite through to his delicious blood-filled skin. Holding the jar over his arm, the “tattoo making” process took several hours before the bugs munched enough to create the rabbit shape.

After a few hours, Camper’s immune system kicked in, creating an inflammatory response to the countless bites. The rabbit figure finally protruded in a red, swollen form that was hot to the touch. The patterned welt, made from likely thousands of bites, is an extreme way to get a temporary image on your skin. We’ll just stick to henna, thank you.

[Via the Coloradoan