Celebrate the art of craft with Knit Wit, an upcoming magazine about the world of contemporary fibers and textiles, as well as the people who inhabit it. Currently raising subscriptions on Kickstarter, the biannual publication promises full-color spreads teeming editorials, travelogues, essays, and product highlights in the visually driven tradition of your favorite lifestyle periodicals. Founders Zinzi Edmundson and Gigi Jack are committed to making Knit Wit a print-only endeavor, meaning that its physical content won’t be making the typical leap online. “Some people think it’s a little crazy, but I guess we like it that way!” Edmundson and Jack write on their campaign page.


Not that Knit Wit will be divorcing itself completely from the Internet. “We have been growing an active social media community in support of our print offering,” Edmundson and Jack say. “We think that the various social platforms offer print publications a unique opportunity to participate with readers and drive discussion and engagement off-page.”

The duo agrees that print can be a “dicey proposition.” Knit Wit plans to overcome some of the pitfalls by keeping its operation lean and its print run small. (Compared with big-league magazines, whose circulations often run in the millions, Edmundson and Jack are planning a comparatively modest 5,000 copies planned for their inaugural issue.)

“Additionally, there are so few engaging magazines in this category—and none completely like ours!—that we do feel the ability to fill a much-needed niche,” they continue. “Our product is strong and our audience is out there—the biggest task is to get one to the other.”

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Knit Wit professes itself to be anti-twee. “We’re repelled by the cutesy; we’re fatigued by the heady,” goes its cri de coeur

Issue 1 is slated to include a piece about weaving in Oaxaca by Baltimore-based cook and artist Jess Schreibstein, a round of yoga for knitters with celebrity yogi Tara Stiles, a behind-the-scenes look at Wool and the Gang’s operations in London, and a holiday gift guide for fiber enthusiasts.

The only thing missing from this equation? You.

“We’re looking for readers who are curious, interested and passionate about doing things—it’s not just about the medium, after all, it’s about the spirit that goes into each piece and every idea represented in this magazine,” say Edmundson and Jack. “If you love art, design, ideas, photography, and beautifully put-together text, you will love Knit Wit.”

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