Eco-friendly cosmetics brand Nvey has launched a nine-piece collection of makeup brushes, complete with compostable handles. (WWD)

Puma is partnering with OrthoLite to incorporate EcoOrthoLite insole technology, which uses non-food-source bio oil in lieu of fossil fuels, in a third of its footwear by 2011. (Puma)

Is Tarte Cosmetics guilty of greenwashing its less-than-pristine eco-credentials? (Feedgood Style)

TOMS Wedges! TOMS Wedges! TOMS Wedges! Did we mention TOMS has wedges now? (Fashion Loves People)

If you’re handy with a Dremel, you can build your own garment printer for far less than the $5,000 you’d cough up at retail. (Lifehacker)


“We have a choice. The question is, ‘Will human beings make the choice?’ Just choose. Choose, and it ends.”
—Actor James Cromwell, speaking to the Los Angeles Times about the future of fur.