Constrvct is a project of Continuum Clothing, the same interactive agency that brought us the world’s first three-dimensionally printed bikini. Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel, the company’s founders, honed the concept based on feedback they received from “Continuum: Computational Couture,” an interactive fashion-design tool that failed to meet its Kickstarter funding goal in early 2011.

Huang and Fizel want to create a “social fashion label” that reflects the creativity of the people who wear them.

While Continuum’s customizable dresses veered towards the avant-garde, Constrvct is accessible to a broader audience. It’s Huang and Fizel’s desire to create a “social fashion label” that reflects the creativity of the people who wear them. The name “Constrvct,” they say, refers to this act of creation.

“We like to think of this as bespoke for the digital age,” Huang and Fizel write on their Kickstarter page. “We want to create fashion that’s about participation, and capture the collective creativity of the people who will wear the clothes. In the broad scope of things, we believe that the future of fashion is about redefining the entire process of design, production, and retail, so to enable more creativity and also make wonderfully high quality product. We believe we can create a cohesively more beautiful experience that merges the individual focus of high-end couture with the accessibility of ready to wear.”

Their ultimate goal? To achieve truly crowdsourced fashion design by allowing anyone to “publish” and sell their own collection. Constrvct is currently in private beta as Huang and Fizel work out any bugs and kinks. Now that they’ve achieved their $10,000 funding goal, however, keep your eyes peeled: a public launch could happen as early as October.

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