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MOHAIR \?m??he(?)r\

n 1: A luxurious, all-natural fiber made from the curly locks of the angora goat. 2: The focus of a recent summit in the town of Jansenville, located on South Africa’s Eastern Cape, where more than half of the world’s mohair is produced. 3: Viewed by the South African government and the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform as a means to spur economic growth and alleviate poverty and persistent unemployment in the region. 4: Described by Eastern Cape designer Kelly Esterhuyse, who won South African Elle’s 2011 New Talent Designer Search for her work with mohair, as “one of South Africa’s most luxurious fabrics…with diverse possibilities.” 5: Has the potential, per South African lifestyle guru and party planner Colin Cowie, to reinvent the luxury market by becoming the “new cashmere.”

[Via WWD]