Google isn’t the only one trying to make smart glasses the next hot device trend. New York-based Vuzix has just unveiled a hands-free smart device that comes with an integrated “virtual display” eyepiece, WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, a 720p HD camera, and motion sensors. Set to rival Google Glass, the M100 smart glasses can sync up to your smart phone or tablet. The device is great for those who need to be connected to the cloud all the time, but it could also be helpful for certain jobs, where attention to detail and using your hands are really important – say surgery or flying an airplane.

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Vuzix’s M100 is the next generation of the company’s augmented reality glasses with a paired down design. Basically a large Bluetooth headset, the M100 packs in all sorts of tools to keep you connected to the Cloud at all times without your hands. Running on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, the smart glasses allow the wearer to text, watch video, take pictures, read and send email, navigate, and listen to audio as well as interact with your smart phone or tablet. It basically does everything your smart phone does, it’s just connected to your face.

The eyepiece, which is not really like glasses at all, features a 1280×720-pixel WQVGA resolution display which is like looking at a screen from 14 inches away. Battery life is expected to extend for 8 hrs, but only 2 with the display on and only 1 with the display and camera on. Vuzix is trying to be the leader in personal augmented reality and is set to offer the M100 smart glasses by mid 2013. Right now they are listing the early production model of the headset at $999. You can get a first hand look at the glasses at CES in Las Vegas in 2013 from January 8th to the 11th.

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