For those nervous about walking home alone at night, Cuff’s new line of GPS-enabled jewelry can give you some piece of mind and alert friends and family to your exact location. If you run into a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, you merely press your Cuff and a message will be sent to your protective circle so they know where you are in case of emergency. The GSP Cuff chip can be used with a variety of stylish jewelry and accessories like necklaces, bracelets or even key chains, so it won’t even look like you’re wearing a security device. Cuff was created to provide wearers a greater sense of safety, but can also be used to create connections between friends.

Cuff was started by Deepa Sood, former VP of Product Development at Restoration Hardware, with help from her mother who encouraged her to launch the brand. Combination safety device, wearable technology and chic jewelry, the Cuff line offers a variety of ways to provide security in a stylish way. Each piece of jewelry or accessory has a spot to slide in the CuffLinc, which is a GPS-enabled chip that tracks the wearers location.

The Cuff wearer sets up her “Cuff circle” or her protective network via the iPhone app to connect with specific people. If the wearer is in danger, has an emergency or needs assistance, he or she can press the CuffLinc for three seconds, which will send out an alert to everyone in the Cuff circle. The Cuff app can also be used to send alerts to certain people letting them know you need to contact them. And wearers of Cuff will never miss an alert, because it will vibrate when a notification has been sent out.

Cuff can be used in a variety of scenarios. It can be worn by children and parents so they can always find each other, by people who work or walk in unsafe areas, or even by people who are ill and might need assistance. The Cuff can also be used by groups of friends or family to improve improve their connections and feel closer to one another. Cuff starts out at $50 for a bracelet and goes up to $150 for the more stylish brass bracelets and necklaces.

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[Via New York Daily News]