“Slow shopping is very much a vogue term these days, and there’s a bit of a greenwashing element to it—sure, buy slow but you’re still buying stuff, and buy quality but you’re still buying stuff—but I do agree that it does come down to pace.

“If you really do know yourself and there’s something you really need, I think if you can get past those first few moments, then you really make a more objective decision—go home, sit down and think about it.

“I find that if you just wait a bit longer, you’re over it, and there’s something new to covet. When I had idle hours to while away at the mall, I could go back and forth between the Gap and Wet Seal appraising boxer shorts, and now I don’t have time for that kind of stuff and I honestly don’t miss it…

“There are many other places to spend quality time than the mall—places that involve sunlight and green things.”

Sarah Lazarovic, author and illustrator of A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy (2014, Penguin), speaking to the Huffington Post on curbing impulse shopping.