“The most amazing thing is that we managed to make the technology invisible—so invisible that not even the models realized they were wearing technology until they turned it on using their [Q by CuteCircuit] phone app.” Francesca Rosella, who co-founded the label with Ryan Genz, told Ecouterre after the show.

Rosella and Genz were inspired by the museums in Rosella’s hometown of Rome in Italy.

Rosella and Genz were inspired by the museums in Rosella’s hometown of Rome in Italy. Among them was the MAXXI, designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

“During the holidays it was raining everyday, so when we visited the museums we captured beautiful images of lights reflected on the wet surface of the pavement and on the glass of the windows, and this really ties up with our approach to innovating textiles,” Rosella said. “Like the architecture, the garments look modern and sharp, black and white, but then magically transform into thousands of colors, bringing this inner life into view.”

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By marrying couture techniques with technology, Rosella and Genz aim to create looks that “feel at home on the red carpet or on a romantic evening.”

“The garments are really made to let women dream and express themselves,” Rosella said. “To the evening looks we have added sporty jackets and jeans–still made of amazingly color-changing fabrics–that will bring the line into everyday life.”

The woman who wears CuteCircuit is someone who has embraced the digital lifestyle head on.

The woman who wears CuteCircuit, Rosella added, is someone who has embraced the 21st century head on, a “person [who] loves to both look great and make the most of her modern digital lifestyle.”

CuteCircuit, a frequent collaborator of singer Katy Perry’s, also introduced its inaugural line of accessories, including wrist clutches festooned with hundreds of tiny, dancing LEDs.

“Integrating fashion and technology is not an easy thing to do and you’ll still find people that think we send a garment out with a gigantic car battery and thick electric wires inside,” Rosella said. “This is not the case, fortunately. The fabrics we develop are as thin as other fabrics and as comfortable, the batteries are microscopic. The only difference between a CuteCircuit garment and other garments is that CuteCircuit’s garments bring magic and fun into your wardrobe.”

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