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Hartmann and NeSmith describe the Daisy & Elisabeth girl as a strong-willed free spirit who loves rock ‘n roll, country music, whiskey drinking, and vintage cowboy boots.

The label’s love of ’70s glam and turn-of-the-century Western wear is particularly apparent in one of its newest collections, a collaboration with Hollywood outfitter Nudie’s Rodeo Tailor.

Replete with Southwestern iconography, rhinestones, sheer panels, and picot edging, the capsule line of longline bras, rompers, and panties, not to mention one very daring dress, offer a one-two punch of playfulness and va-va-voom.

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“Nudie’s Rodeo Tailor was a dream collaboration for us,” Hartmann and NeSmith said. “It was so fun to create some over-the-top whimsical pieces with such and iconic brand.”

Aspiring coquettes can also partake of Daisy & Elizbeth’s subtler top-drawer fare, from frill-bedecked camisoles and chemises in ivory, robin’s egg blue, and cabernet to lace-up black-ponte bodysuits.

There’s at least one famous name who can’t get enough of the label’s frontier style: Grammy Award winner Kasey Musgraves, who wore costumes designed by Daisy & Elizabeth for a Fourth of July performance with Willie Nelson.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, what do a couple of lingerie experts consider sexy?

“Confidently leaving something to the imagination,” they said.

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