Breastfeeding mamas know all too well the awkward art of semi-disrobing in public to nurse their baby. Showing some skin isn’t necessarily the issue, but negotiating a garment quickly enough to accommodate a little one’s on-the-fly feast can devolve into a frustrating game of Twister. Designer Daniela Bekerman lends moms a hand—or shall we say magic blanket and super cape?—with her thoughtfully conceptualized, if somewhat avant-garde breastfeeding clothes.

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One of Bekerman’s dresses features an internal pocket that hides a fabric cover for discreet nursing sessions. Another dress, which includes pleat-like “apertures” for easy access, enables super-mom to don a removable cape (how fitting, right?) to shield one’s bambino while she dines. “I love resolving problems through design,” Bekerman says.

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