“Every person we meet marks us in some way. Their image projects onto us, reminding us where we come from,” says Cata?, who has sewn the faces of his brother, Javier; his grandfather, Cata?; his grandmother, Josefina; his father; his Aunt Fe, his girlfriend, Tamara; and his teacher, Ciuco, among others. By doing this, his body becomes an “autobiographical diary”; a veritable “who’s who” of his biggest influences. “Their lives have been interwoven with mine to build my history,” he adds.

“Every person we meet marks us in some way,” Cata? says.

Cata? has even stitched a self-portrait, which he has enlarged and superimposed over his own face to show the fidelity to detail. Most of his efforts are focused on capturing the eyes and mouth.

Takes the phrase “suffering for your art” to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

+ David Cata?

[Via Yahoo News]