Most people can’t stand the idea of pain. Then again, David Cata? isn’t like most people. The Spanish artist, who once embroidered portraits of his loved ones into the palm of his hand, says he relishes the “emotional aspect” of pain, rather than the physical. In his latest project, Cata? pushes his boundaries even further. Raices Aladas, translated from the Spanish as “winged estate,” reveals Cata?’s transformation into a living planter, complete with soil, foliage, and the hot, salty tears of people clawing at their eyes, crying “Unsee! Unsee!” before melting into a puddle of emotion on the floor. But we digress.

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Inspired by a poem by Juan Andres Zuñiga, which compares the shedding of snakeskin with a plant’s cycle of life, death, and resurrection, Cata?’s photos beseeche their viewers to “grow wings to fly,” without losing sight of their “roots, origins, innermost.”

We’ll stick to traditional gardening—or, if push comes to shove, a terrarium necklace or two—thanks.

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