A sister duo with East Indian roots is lighting up the ethical fashion scene with their collection that includes PETA-approved vegan leather shorts, and sustainably sourced satin racer backs. Meg and Komie Vora say that they started their brand Delikate Rayne because they, “wanted to fuse our love of animals and fashion into something more concrete and tangible.” Their animal love is shows through their use of high quality, PVC-free, and cruelty free leather alternatives use to produce their sleek separates in Los Angeles.

As vegan fashion becomes more available, Meg and Komie want to set Delikate Rayne apart by being notable for more than just being animal free. “We felt there was a void in the market that we were anxious to fill for not-the-norm, well made, cruelty-free clothing that pays extra attention to detail and quality that is just effortless.” Their clothing is designed to also fill the void in your wardrobe, with a style that Meg and Komie say is understated glamour. “It marries compassion and sustainability with luxury resulting in the birth of innovative, sleek pieces that communicate quality over quantity as it’s main mantra. We like to think DR is the missing ingredient to whatever it is that is cooking in your closet to ultimately create that perfect guilt-free ensemble.”

These long time vegetarians recently transitioned to veganism, which has inspired them even more to promote animal-free living. For their outstanding work, Delikate Rayne was awarded the 2015 Vegan of the Year Award for Outstanding Vegan Creative.

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Their creativity shines in their treatment of the polyurethane vegan leather substitute, such as the fringe and piping that adorn some of their sophisticated silhouettes.

“Being able to create garments that allow people to seamlessly blend their love of fashion, compassion and ethics to complement their pre-existing lifestyle” is one of the things the sisters are most proud of. 

“Delikate Rayne is an option to embrace a new way of living/dressing.” Beyond helping women look fantastic, Delikate Rayne is helping to raise awareness to ethical concerns with the fashion industry. “We are happy the creation of DR has been serving as a point of departure to the start of meaningful conversations about how the clothing industry affects our overall environment and what that really means.”

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