Looking for an eco-friendly dress that is cute, you can feel good about, and won’t break the bank? Look no further! We’ve recently discovered an inspiring company called Supezas, which works with rural tribal women to make customized silk dress designs in cute cuts and eye-popping spring colors, out of “peace-silk“. If you’re scratching your head and wondering what that is, “peace-silk” (also sometimes called “Ahimsa silk” or “Tasar Silk”) is a cruelty-free silk textile that is made without killing silkworms, unlike regular silk (read more about here.) Not only are Supezas’ garments kind to silkworms, but they’re kind to humans too — they bring fair wages and sustainable development to impoverished communities and are helping to revive the dying art of hand-weaving. Best yet, with Supezas, you’re able to get a custom-tailored, bespoke dress at a fraction of what a one-off garment would cost. Now Supezas has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce their latest collection of personalized silk dresses. We encourage you to support them and get a custom dress, tie or chic scarf in the process!

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For their latest Kickstarter campaign, Supezas is using Tasar silk to make their beautiful custom dresses. This fine silk is also sometimes known as Ahimsa Silk, which means “peace” or “non-violence”, because the moth caterpillars are neither harmed nor killed in the process of collecting the silk. They’re allowed to leave their cocoon on their own as fully formed adult moths before the leftover silk cocoons are collected by local women.

Supezas recognizes that handweaving is a dying art — it’s a tedious and difficult job that typically doesn’t pay its artisans very well. Supezas’ goal is to keep the craft alive by providing consumers with affordable handmade personalized tops and dresses that pay a living wage for craftswomen in India. Supezas donates 5% of their sales to support handweaving and eco-friendly projects, furthering their sustainability efforts and helping the local people of the communities in which they work.

For a pledge of $100, you’ll be able to scoop up one of those amazing personalized silk dress. Supezas also has rewards for the fellas! For a $25 pledge, you can get a handmade tasar silk tie. Check out the rest of the rewards and support Supezas’s campaign on Kickstarter! Silkworms, the planet, and your wallet will all thank you.

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Originally published on April 9, 2013.