A lifelong legacy takes on a romantic turn in a new series of special earrings by Swedish jewelry line, All Blues. Founder Jacob Skragge created Project Marianne to pay homage to his beloved late grandmother, while also honoring her wish to be “spread with the wind” and not forgotten in a box. Using an amber necklace Skragge’s grandmother bought in Israel in 1961, the designer separated each bead to make 37 handcrafted earrings, with one going to his sister, one to him, and the rest spread to All Blues fans around the globe.

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Along with his partner Fredrik Nathorst, Skragge has turned sensitive focus to designing and presenting Project Marianne.

The necklace, which is comprised of 37 precious amber beads, was delicately broken apart, leaving each unique bead as the centerpiece for a new earring.

Each amber bead was then given its own sterling silver encasement, inspired by art, paintings, and Marianne’s life.

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Recycling Marianne’s necklace into 37 earrings is a poetic way to honor Marianne’s wishes, and to share her legacy and memory to strangers and family alike. The gorgeous beads vary in size, tone and shape, making the collection truly unique.

The limited edition series of handmade amber earrings will be made available on All Blues’ website on August 29, for sale individually in order to spread Marianne’s will to as many places as possible.

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