Tying the knot with a sparkling ring is many an environmentalist’s dream, but not its often-produced side effects of civil war, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation. San Francisco’s D&H Sustainable Jewelers is restoring this dream’s silver lining. Joining the growing cadre of conflict-free luxury jewelers, D&H marries ethics and sustainability with its stylish engagement rings and wedding bands made of conflict-free gems and reclaimed metals.

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For couples ready to take the plunge, D&H offers its timeless “Legacy” collection. Fittingly named, the collection’s classically cut and heirloom quality engagement rings are crafted from reclaimed platinum and 18 carat yellow gold mined from post-consumer electronic devices. Wearers can indulge their inner gawker happily, knowing that their ring’s diamonds are Responsible Source Certified by SCS Global Services, an independent, third-party standards setter for sustainable and ethical supply chains.

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The Responsible Source Certification guarantees the diamonds’ providence is not questionable, and certifies that they are legally obtained. With ring sparkle of other colors, D&H uses gemstones mined in the conflict-free countries of Canada, Australia, and Botswana. These gems are mined according to strict labor and environmental standards.

Lest brides have all the fun, D&H also caters to the discerning groom who wants something more than a gold band. For these stylish betrothed-to-bes, and anyone who has a Superman-to-kryptonite-like sensitivity to precious metals, D&H offers bands of alternative metals, like reclaimed Damascus steel and a laboratory made black Zirconium. Its black Meteorite Band actually is otherworldly. The band’s etched inner ring is made of a meteorite, which landed in Nambia during Prehistoric times. Set in black Zirconium, this edgy tweak on the groom wedding band is sleek enough to give even Clark Kent swagger.

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