Jeans are a wardrobe staple; who doesn’t have at least a pair or two (or five)? But in addition to being popular, traditional jeans also happen to be pretty bad for the environment. Growing enough cotton for a single pair can take well over a 1,000 gallons of water, not to mention all that fertilizer and oil necessary to get the job done. That’s where North Carolina-based Dirtball comes in. The company is raising money in order to manufacture 100 percent recycled jeans made from post-consumer water bottles and landfill-bound waste cotton.

Dirtball jeans are eco-friendly. Each pair is made from cutting-room floor waste cotton and at least 8 recycled plastic water bottles. On top of that, each pair is made entirely in the US, right down to the waist tape and button, and assembled in Kentucky. Dirtball is trying to raise money to ramp up production of the Green Jean and they are using Kickstarter to do it.

If Dirtball reaches its Kickstarter goal of $40,000, they will be able to bring the Green Jean into production, which means adding 25 American jobs on top of preventing thousands of water bottles from ending up in landfills, where they can take up to 750 years to decompose. Backers can choose from a range of rewards, including other recycled clothing from the Dirtball line.

The jeans will come in four styles: regular, rigid, khaki and enzymed, all in a regular, relaxed fit. Each pair is carefully made for durability, including a lock stitch cuff, chain stitched waistband and two-needle stitched seams. Check them out at Kickstarter.

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