Looking for the most eco-friendly jacket money can buy? Dirtball’s got you covered. The North Carolina-based apparel brand is soliciting preorders for “The 50,” an all-American topper derived entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. But that’s not all the jacket has going for it. The 50 is also completely recyclable. At the end of its useful life, simply send it back to the factory and Dirtball will grind it up into feedstock for new fabrics. You’ll even receive a discount for a future Dirtball purchase.


“The 50 is on a closed-loop manufacturing process, making the jacket the first of its kind on the market,” the firm writes on its Kickstarter page. “Hands down, this is the coolest trash you’ll ever wear.”

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The 50 takes sustainability to the “next level” in not one but several ways, according to Dirtball. Not only does each puffer remove 50 plastic bottles from the landfill, it’ll also sustain 150 U.S. manufacturing jobs over its three-month production cycle. Because the jacket uses recycled polyester for its fill, not down, it’s vegan-friendly, as well.

“We are on a mission at Dirtball to make the world a better place,” the company adds. “We just can’t do it without your help!

+ “The 50” Jacket $150 on Kickstarter

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