Even if pajama-clad marathons of Project Runway are the closest you’ve gotten to playing fashion designer—Korto was ROBBED in the All Star ChallengeBerber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman’s Colour-In Dress will have you rocking a frock of your own in minutes. Clad in a black-and-white print, the A-line shift functions like a page from a coloring book, ready to be embellished at will with the included textile markers.

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Because the print is so flexible, according to the designers, everyone can interpret it in the way they like best. “The result is a reaction to the rapidly changing fashion,” says Soepboer. “Your dress will be unique.”

Because the print is so flexible, everyone can interpret it in the way they like best.

The ecological angle: When a garment is designed—even partially—by the person who wears it, notes Soepboer, it becomes more valuable and less likely to be cast aside. “When clothes are cared for, people tend to wear [them] longer,” she says. “This makes the dress durable.”

Color us sold.

+ Color-In Dress € 250

+ Berber Soepboer

+ Michiel Schuurman