If you thought Jil Sander’s $290 lunch sack bordered on the ridiculous, just wait till you get a load of Aki Oto’s paper-bag blazer. Cobbled together from a bunch of used shopping bags, a vintage jacket, gobs of varnish, and a strip of duct tape (yes, duct tape), the battered and sodden-looking number conveys that fresh, just-rolled-out-of-a-dumpster look that every Rich Kid of Instagram craves. The price? $480—a bargain by billionaire hobo standards, we’re sure.

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Ecouterre is a fan of recycling to be certain, but there’s precious little that’s redeeming about Goto’s design. The hem of the jacket looks like it went up against an industrial paper shredder and lost. The sleeves, with their exposed, overstitched seams, are haphazardly ripped just below the elbow. The hodgepodge quality of the paper brings to mind moldy, peeling tree bark, while its lacquered sheen conjures up images of greasy fast-food packaging. In short, it embodies the very stereotype of “eco-friendly fashion” we battle daily.

The silver lining? Goto’s creation—a size 8, if you must know—is strictly one of a kind.

One silver lining: Goto’s creation—a size 8, if you must know—is strictly one of a kind. Best snap yours up if you have more money than sense.

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+ Paper Bag Jacket $480 at United Bamboo

+ Aki Goto

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