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Turn those blue jeans green—or at least maintain their deep indigo hue—by putting them on ice, literally. Employed by denim enthusiasts to prevent premature fading, the jeans-in-the-freezer trick could become par for the course if TriStar, a Brazilian fashion label, has anything to do with it.

Jeans line drying

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The Rio-based company’s most recent denim collection, made from organic cotton, comes with directions to trade your washing machine for your icebox. “After use, just put them inside a plastic or cloth bag and leave them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill the bacteria,” Jandira Barone, CEO of TriStar, tells Jornal A Tribuna.

(Science suggests, however, that freezing only puts the bacteria in a dormant state without nixing them permanently, so your mileage may vary.)

Just stick the jeans in a bag and freeze them for 24 hours to kill the bacteria, says TriStar.

Stains won’t wash out, of course, but Barone says that they only add to your clothing’s character. “Don’t people buy frayed or stained pants?” she asks. “It’s the same concept, except that the details are produced by the wearer.”

Another way TriStar is making its jeans a boon for the eco-conscious (or lazy): They’re fully reversible.

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