Looks like American Apparel’s CEO, Dov Charney, misread his memo. A week after the story broke that American Apparel would be manufacturing Russia’s official 2014 winter Olympic uniforms, the Russian Olympic Committee denied it reporting to WWD that there were never talks between American Apparel and Russia to make the Olympic uniforms in the first place. The e-mail Charney misunderstood, instead noted that American Apparel will be making Russia-themed merchandise.  Charney told WWD, “I’m not as well educated on these Olympic matters as I should be. I’m in the schmatta business.”

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The news that American Apparel would be making Russia’s uniforms piqued interests when Ralph Lauren was exposed for making the US’s 2012 Olympic uniforms in China. Hopefully, the US won’t be in the embarrassing situation again as nine Senators purposed the Team USA Made In America Act last week to ensure that all future official Olympic uniforms are made in the US from fabric that is also produced in the US.

[Via Fashionista]