Sufferers of dry skin, rejoice! DreamSkin Health has invented a special hydrating silk garment designed to protect your skin, increase moisture retention, and keep it free from irritants. Designed by the same people who brought us Nike’s Dri-FIT moisture-management system and Adidas’s ClimaLite fabric, DreamSkin is said to be the world’s first completely skin-safe fabric technology for soothing eczema and dermatitis symptoms in dry and troubled skin.

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The inspiration behind the innovative fabric came from examining contact lenses and applying the same moisture-controlling technology to a flexible, breathable fabric. DreamSkin is made up of a proprietary biomimetic copolymer matrix that is bound to medical-grade silk at the nano level, creating a multilayered membrane that both attracts and repels and repels water. The hydrophobic aspect of the membrane creates a barrier against irritants by preventing other molecules from attaching to the fabric, while the hydrophilic element traps and retains moisture.

DreamSkin claims its garment can improve moisture retention, reduce itching and irritation, and support skin recovery.

Besides improving the skin’s moisture-and-temperature regulation, the company claims its garment can reduce itching and irritation, support healthy skin recovery, and guard against dust and other allergens. Even the seams of the fabric are designed to lay flat and minimize irritation, especially at the elbows, armpits, and knees. According to online customer testimonials, parents of children with eczema are snapping up DreamSkin pajamas, with mostly positive results.

DreamSkin clothing is currently available for babies, toddlers, and children up to 12 years. Plans are in the works to extend the line to include products for adults, but if you’re petite enough, you could probably try squeezing into some of the larger sizes.

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