“Fashion has become such an industry, such a business, that we lost a little bit of the beauty of fashion, and a little bit of the skill. …

“We started to work in India in the 80s, so it was a lot of education from both sides before I got them to make the kind of embroidery that I had in mind. These master craftsmen work in villages, and it’s a prestigious job that gets passed on from father to son.

“Sometimes, when you send these products to department stores, they send it back because there’s a little weave or color fault in it. But, you know something? This scarf was made in 45-degree heat and high humidity by an artisan, so the paint doesn’t take as well under those conditions. But should those people have to stop printing because it’s so hot? There is beauty in it, proof that it’s handmade.”

—Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten, speaking to Buro 24/7 about the importance of craft in fashion.