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Did you ever think that drinking water can cause wrinkles? Experts are issuing a warning that drinking from water bottles could be the cause of unsightly premature wrinkles. But the accusation does not come from the potential BPA that the bottle’s plastic may contain, but instead the shape of the bottle itself. It seems woman across the country have become “victims” of deep wrinkles around their mouths, due to repeated pursing of the lips when taking hydrating swigs from their water bottles.

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You thought you were doing the right thing for your skin by keeping hydrated all day long. Little did you know that you were actually wrinkling your face, sip by sip. Women across the country have been flocking to their plastic surgeons, asking for treatments to correct the damage done by drinking from water bottles. Doctors have been treated these patients with Botox, fillers and laser technology, smoothing out the lines caused by years of water bottle drinking. The doctors recommend avoiding water bottles and straws in general, opting for cups that don’t cause the mouth to continuously purse.

Many of the women interviewed for the story on CBS2 said their premature wrinkling was due to chugging at least six bottles of water a day, a feat that not only causing continuous pursing, but also adds up to quite a lot of empty bottles that need recycling!

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