Oft referred to as passion killers and “granny panties,” girdles, control bottoms, and shaping undies have long drawn a bad rap. For many of us, however, they’re a necessary evil. They tuck in tummies and thighs, hide the dreaded muffin top, sculpt bottoms, and help us cut a svelte figure in a slinky dress or skinny jeans. But can all that Lycra and polyester be as good for the planet as they are our curves? DuMi intends to whip shapewear into shape—as well as bring sexy back—with a new five-piece range made from sustainably produced fabric.

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Unlike Cosabella, which has been adding bamboo to its shapewear, DuMi uses a more-conventional blend of polyamide and Lycra. Its green claim to fame, then, would have to be the mode of manufacture, an equally important issue we often lose sight of with our emphasis on materials. Better if not best, the medium-weight compression garments are certified ISO 14001-compliant, which means they meet environmental standards such as low carbon-dioxide emissions, low manufacturing waste, and reduced dye and chemical consumption.

The undies meet standards such as low carbon-dioxide emissions and reduced chemical consumption.

Inspired by vintage lingerie, DuMi incorporates lashes of lace in all the right places to create an environmentally sensitive line of shapewear that can actually double as lingerie. Watch out boys and girls; it looks like good old unmentionables have become worth mentioning again.

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