It’s not hyperbole to say that David Aviv and Helen Dukat scoured the globe to bring us these colorful bangles. After meeting in India in 2004, Aviv and Dukat founded Mango Tree, a line of fitted cuffs derived from the wood of mango trees that no longer yield fruit. A distillation of the duo’s love of travel, the vibrant wrist adornments capture the colors of the planet’s most beautiful treasures, from coral reefs to tropical rainforests.

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Mango Tree’s one-of-a-king bangles feature an expansive palette of hand-painted hues, with locale-inspired titles such as “Caribbean Islands,” “Vivid Lava,” and “Fancy Peacock.” Four sizes (from small to extra-large) and three styles (slim, samba, bold) ensure a snug fit. The best part? Many of the designs start at $16, making these bangles seriously affordable. If you’ve caught the travel bug, we recommend taking two bracelets and calling us in the morning.

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