Photo by Christopher Raeburn

Hearty congrats to Ada Zanditon, Christopher Raeburn, Goodone, Minna, Nina Dolcetti, and The North Circular for snagging spots in the British Fashion Council’s new Eco-Fashion Mentor Programme. (British Vogue)

Where did the sun go? Stave off the S.A.D.s with these six winter-wardrobe must-haves for the vegan fashionista. (Girlie Girl Army)

Amy DuFault, EcoSalon’s stupendous eco-fashion editrix, opens her conscious-clothing boutique Shift—and learns more about sustainable fashion than she ever imagined. (EcoSalon)

Speaking of store openings, organic-clothing pioneer Green Babies opens its flagship store in historic Nyack, NY, tomorrow, with 25 percent discounts on everything. (Press release)

Recession, what recession? If you’re in New York City, swing by NAU’s new SoHo pop-up store, which is so sustainable it uses repurposed trash for its fixtures. (TreeHugger)

Abigail Doan, our textiles editor, has a bone to pick with Vogue for its “guerilla gardening” layout. (Ecco*Eco)