Love it, hate it, or wonder if it comes with wings for extra night-time protection, the iPad isn’t about to budge anytime soon. If you can get past the feminine hygiene jokes, however, you might as well keep your tablet PC’s fragile visage pristine by placing it securely—discreetly?—under wraps.

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For a chic carrying case that doesn’t remind you of surfing the crimson tide, try Blythe King’s handsome iPad iSockit, which features a sling-flap closure and a front pocket you can button up.

Made from vintage wool plaid and topped with vintage buttons, each one-of-a-kind case is designed to keep your gear as snug as a bug in a rug, so you can worry less about unexpected spills and other accidents. Period.

+ iPad Sockit Fabric Case $65

+ Blythe King