For those of us who get easily overwhelmed, we have just the solution to offer you some peace and quiet, maybe even a chance to eat your lunch without being interrupted, a literal way to block out all the hubub and a way to find inner calm. Nutshell is the work of design student Eden Lew, who sought to create a product and tools for people to take productive breaks. More than just a fold out fabric shell that acts as a physical barrier, Nutshell also works with a connected mobile app to help you meditate and peace out in solitude. Where can we order it?

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SVA NYC, class of 2016 student, Eden Lew set out to create a product and enterprise that reduced stress and offered respite from urban life. Her designs began with inspiration from the sandwich wrapper that eventually morphed into Nutshell, a wearable device that serves as an isolation pod. The fabric pod attaches to the wearers shoulders and folds out to create a solitary space that alerts others to your need for peace and quiet. Sit and eat your lunch, read a book, meditate, listen to music or even take a nap – any quiet activity you want that will help you reduce stress.

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Lew’s project goes beyond the physical product and offers up even more services including a website, branding, social support, apps and corporate services. Log in to the mobile app while inside your pod and select a relaxing activity like meditation, listening to podcasts, music or connecting with the rest of the community to find like-minded individuals who seek the peace of solitude. Lew envisioned the Container Store as the perfect partner for her student project and we appreciate the humor of ‘Containing Oneself’. The only thing we would change about this awesome wearable shelter is that we want it to be a reality. Lew! Hurry up and finish school so you can produce Nutshell!

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