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Sherman credits St. Ann’s, which she describes as a “very special place,” for motivating the partnership in the first place. The orphanage abuts one of the label’s workshops—the same one J.Crew is using to produce its EDUN pieces.

“Most of the kids there are very young, and they’re all so bright and full of life,” she says. “Our new collaboration with J.Crew’s Garments for Good will not only help benefit the orphanage but hopefully also spread awareness about St. Ann’s, as well as manufacturing in Africa.”

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For inspiration, Sherman looked to the Ndebele people of South Africa and the geometric patterns that adorned their homes, along with the saturated colors employed by some of her favorite artists, such as Viviane Sassen.

The Crewcuts capsule marks EDUN’s first foray into items for the younger set. “Since the pieces are for kids, it was important that they were all washable and stain-resistant, but we still wanted everything to be very natural,” Sherman says. She embraced the challenge. “The whole line is cotton, wool, poplin…nothing synthetic,” she adds.

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