Photo by Jason Wyche

While other eco-fashion designers are doing everything in their power not to design clothes that say “tree-hugger,” Ekovaruhuset is perfectly comfortable making clothes just the way it wants to, even if its flowy and ethereal silhouettes evoke visions of flower children and peace signs. The overall vibe of the freewheeling show, held at The GreenShows during New York Fashion Week, was one of a return to nature. (In a world where some of the biggest tree-huggers are tech-savvy city dwellers, why not get back to our roots?)

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Photo by Jason Wyche

One thing we love best about Ekovaruhuset is that it’s a collaboration among several incredible designers who pack their collective energy into one neat show. Instead of the creations of just one designer, the Ekovaruhuset runway was graced by the beribboned, embroidered, and handbeaded work of Johanna Hofring, Meiling Chen, Tor Söderin, Desiree Hammen, Anja Hynynen, Maja Gunn,  Mika Machida, Kaori Yamazaki, Righteous, and the bodacious Eko-Lab. Despite this bevy of cooks in the kitchen, each design supported the one that came before it, telling a cohesive and imaginative story.

As the acclaimed fashion collective’s name implies (Ekovaruhuset means “House of Organic” in Swedish), many of the nymph-esque garments were made of organic cotton and linen, interlaced with touches of other sustainable materials. Colors remained neutral for the most part, reflecting the true hues of nature, especially since many of the fabrics were dyed by hand with plants. Models floated down the catwalk wearing billowy patchwork organic-linen dresses, feathery necklaces, crocheted bikinis, and bell-sleeved tunics that told a tale of a less stressful, freer time.

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Photo by Jason Wyche

“[It] was very freeing for me,” Johanna Hofring, House of Organic’s founder, tells Ecouterre of planning the show. “I decided that we had worked hard enough previous years on showing how modern and sexy eco can be, with high heels and lots of make-up, but this time I let myself free…and we styled the show just the way I like it, with moccasins and natural makeup.”

And we have to admit that when the last model had wafted off the catwalk, we just couldn’t help but feel, well, pretty darn groovy.

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