Rolling up your pant leg and getting helmet head may not be the most glamorous side of bike-riding, but wethinks it’s a small price to pay for the planet. For the bike-curious (and image-conscious), however, Vindbergh Design’s modern bicycle “boot bag” may help push you in the carbon-free direction. The German manufacturer’s aerodynamically designed back-loader, which guards against headwinds, makes it easy to turn your easy Sunday cruiser into your main form of transport, with tons of room to stash your stuff, to “boot.”

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A winner of the 2010 Red Dot Award for product design, the boot bag is spacious enough for office files, a laptop, or your farmer’s market score. (Vindberg claims it can contain a watermelon!) It’s available in black or brown vegetable-tanned leather, as well as seven colors of easy-to-clean recyclable polypropylene.

The boot bag is available in vegetable-tanned leather and recyclable polypropylene.

The ersatz bike basket, which includes an integrated inner pocket, doesn’t have to stay strapped to your ride, either. It features a shoulder sling and an adjustable plate for the transition between bike and body and vice versa. Elegantly minimalist, the boot bag conveys instant sophistication. We’d love to see more eco-friendly options in the future, however, including recycled plastic and faux or repurposed leather.

+ Boot Bag €39,95-€334,00

+ Vindberg Design