Photos by Peter Stigter

Dutch designer Elsien Gringhuis became €25,000 richer on Thursday when she placed first in the Green Fashion Competition at Amsterdam International Fashion Week. (You’ll always be a winner in our hearts, Eliza!) Less than two years old, Gringhuis’s high-fashion label weds understated sophistication with crisp construction, using eco-luxe fabrics like bamboo, wool, and pressed silks to contrast our drive for dominion with human vulnerability.

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“Elsien Gringhuis is modern and contemporary. She has great technical skills and paints a very feminine and beautiful picture,” says Georgette Koning, a fashion journalist and one of the contest’s judges. “She has managed to create a signature style in a very short period of time.”

Gringhuis’s high-fashion label weds understated sophistication with crisp construction.

Coming in second, with a €15,000 purse, was OAT, a line of biodegradable footwear based in the Netherlands. Both Gringhuis and OAT’s winning designs will be on view to the public Nukuhiva at Haarlemmerstraat 36 in Amsterdam through Feb. 4.

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