Elvis & Kresse’s bags and accessories are so hot they might as well be on fire. Luckily, the U.K.-based company had the foresight to craft them from decommissioned fire hoses, which it scrubs clean of 25 years worth of soot, grease, and built-up gunk before reincarnating them into luxe-looking totes, toiletry bags, belts, and wallets.

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Although Elvis & Kresse started acquiring fire hoses from the London Fire Brigade, it now sources its material from brigades all across the United Kingdom. Even the embellishments it uses are repurposed: Scrap sail cloth and reclaimed office-furniture textiles line its bags, used Air Traffic Control Flight Strips are cut into labels, and waste tin gets new life as belt buckles.

The fire hoses have to be scrubbed clean of 25 years worth of soot, grease, and built-up gunk.

Packaging-wise, the bags are stuffed with end-of-line teabag paper to help them retain their shape in transit, then wrapped in waste tea bags with the foil side facing out.

And you can’t fault the company for forgetting its firefighting roots—Elvis & Kresse donates a generous 50 percent of its profits to the U.K. Fire Fighters Charity.

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