Actress Emma Watson, boutique owner/celeb missus Livia Firth, designer Vivienne Westwood, and model-entrepreneur Summer Rayne Oakes are just some of the bold-faced names set to appear in Naked Fashion, a book about the “new sustainable fashion revolution.” Written by People Tree founder and CEO Safia Minney, with a foreword by Firth and To Die For author Lucy Siegle, the book offers stirring accounts of the lives of garment workers in the Third World, case studies on fashion that doesn’t cost the earth (literally or otherwise), and profiles of designers, photographers, filmmakers, and other movers and shakers who are reshaping the industry from within.

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Safia Minney in Bangladesh.


For Minney, who worked in the advertising industry at 18, creativity, compassion, and consumption must learn to go hand in hand. She overheard talented, award-winning creatives admitting discomfort for hawking products that nobody needed or damaged the environment.

“They’d say, what about spending our energy-raising awareness and finding solutions to the real issues of human rights, poverty, and environmental destruction?” she writes in the introduction to her book. “What about promoting social inclusion, more responsible consumption, and more sustainable lifestyles? What if design, creativity and media could be used to change the world?”

The world is seduced by the glamour of global fashion brands, but what if fashion could be used as a tool for change?

Likewise, she adds, the world is seduced by the glamour of global fashion brands. But what if fashion could be used as a tool for change? One that creates an industry that sustains rather than starves the planet and is free of worker exploitation?

“‘I still find it hard to convey how much fair trade means to those producing our fashion,” says Watson in her account of a visit to Bangladesh. “It’s just so impressive to see how the women have used fair trade to escape poverty and empower themselves and their children.”

The book is expected to hit shelves September 1.

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