Too shy to show your object of affection how much you care? Let your dress do the talking—or sniffing, as it were. Jennifer Tillotson’s Smart Second Skin Dress interacts with its wearer’s changing moods by releasing atomized bursts of fragrance—or more precisely, a “rainbow symphony of aromas”—in response to different emotional triggers. This personal “scent bubble,” which purports to regulate your emotional and physiological state, is designed to promote relaxation, alleviate depression, boost self-esteem, or simply telegraph your amorous intensions.

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By creating a specialized olfactory experience, according to Tillotson, the Smart Second Skin Dress unlocks fashion’s so-called sixth dimension. “Multisensory enhancement makes the senses more effective to enjoy the experience of sensing reality,” she says. “It increases creativity, expressions and visions, sparks little reminders, expands colour, texture, sounds and taste, pushing the boundaries of the senses that we didn’t know we had.”

The Smart Second Skin Dress unlocks fashion’s sixth dimension, says Tillotson.

The dress itself comprises a fabric membrane (in effect a second skin) that acts as an invisible carrier of liquids, much like the body’s circulatory system. But the technology could have more than aromatherapeutic implications, Tillotson notes. Wearable dispensers could be create “responsive” clothing, jewelry, and footwear that pump insect repellent, deodorant, and even bronchodilators on demand.

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