Ming Chuan University has come up with a self-sustaining knee pad for exercise, that converts your hard work into soothing heat post-work out. A winner of the Red Dot Award, the Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad stores kinetic energy creating during your work out using an electro-thermal yarn. The healing knee pad can be switched into two modes- energy storage and heat release, letting you earn your own relief every time you’re active.

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What if your knee brace could comfort you during your workout, but also after? That’s the concept behind the Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad. A blue light illuminates to indicate the pad is in storage mode. Each movement your leg makes creates more energy to be stored in the device, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that is replenished with your leg movements.  After the knee pad is charged up, it can be switched into the heat release mode. A red light lets you know it is ready to comfort and heal achy muscles, becoming a hot compress that heats up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The durable kneepad looks like any other sports brace, held together with velcro, but is made up of electro-thermal yarn. The yarn safely conducts heat, warming the skin and muscles without burning them inside a casing of Far Infrared Therapeutic fabric that helps heat penetrate the skin to promote circulation. The knee cap is surrounded with a silicone coated cover to help reduce injuries like a regular brace. The Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad helps to reduce injury while in use, and soothe after a hard work out.

+ Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad at Red Dot Award