Easy Button is an ergonomic button that helps speed up the process of dressing oneself for those who have insensitivity and numbness in their hands. It takes longer for elderly citizens to button up their shirt, because they struggle with small buttons and buttonholes. Three Taiwanese designers, Han Jisook, Tang Wei-Hsiang, and Tsai Po-An created the ergonomic Easy Button to address difficulty in dressing and were recently awarded a 2013 Reddot Design Award.

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The elderly and disabled struggle with small embellishments like buttons while dressing. Lack of sensitivity in their hands, numbness in their fingers or poor motor control makes dealing with small buttons a challenge. The designers actually did an informal experiment to see how much longer it took elderly citizens to dress themselves and they found it was three to five times longer to put on a dress shirt than it took for young people.

To ease the process of dressing, Han Jisook, Tang Wei-Hsiang, and Tsai Po-An came up with an ergonomic button that would help people put on and take off clothes. The Easy Button is an oblong shape where one side is thinner and is slightly angled upward to allow for a better grip. The opposite side is concave to make it easier to push through a buttonhole. With this concept, the designers hope it helps speed up the buttoning process and help those who struggle not feel so frustrated.

Han Jisook, Tang Wei-Hsiang, and Tsai Po-An, designers of the Easy Button, recently received a 2013 Red Dot Design Award.

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