Do your eyes glaze over when you glance at a worktable full of nuts and bolts just waiting for that elusive rainy day project? Or do you stare at the bits and bobs and dream of what you could create? Argentinean designer Erica Corte, now based in New York, falls most assuredly in the latter camp. Exposing the hidden potential in these quotidian objects, Corte transforms discarded hardware into wearable modern art.

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Corte blends nuts, clips, zippers, and bolts with recycled and organic cottons, silk cords, and fine silver mesh to create stunning objects that are part decoration and part art. “I was always fascinated by industrial raw materials for their strength and simplicity,” she tell Ecouterre. She takes an experimential approach to all her designs, citing “simple organic forms with a clear vision and strength” as her inspiration.

Corte designs each collection around a central industrial component, epitomizing both strength and simplicity.

Corte designs each collection around one central industrial component, epitomizing both strength and simplicity. You can view her range at the Pratima Ayurvedi Spa in New York or at the Museum of Contemporary Artin San Diego. Fans of Aidan Quinn and Olympia Dukakis should also catch The Art of Love at their local movie theater this spring—Corte’s pieces make a brief cameo!

+ Erica Corte