You’ve been running around all day making calls on your cell and suddenly, it dies. Now what are you gonna do? Well, if you’re wearing this solar-powered jacket by Ermenegildo Zegna, you’ve got all the juice you need to get your cell up and running again right at your fingertips on your back. Not only is it insanely handy, it’s also downright dapper in its styling. And honestly, what better way to spark up a conversation with a purty lady than to walk up to her and offer to “charge her up”? Just make sure you point to the jacket when you say that, otherwise violence may ensue.

If you’re looking for a useful and universally appealing gift to give a guy, we think this jacket is a top choice. There are tons of other wearable solar-powered items out there, but it’s nice to see one that is contained in something that you don’t have to actually carry. But does it pack enough punch to power things up effectively? Apparently, one New York-based tester was able to charge up a mini-refrigerator. Not too shabby!

[Via PSFK ]